Member of the employment cooperative Interim Kultur.

Born January 1st 1986

Working experience in selection

2022-01-07 to 01-08 DUNKA DUNKA at Weld, Stockholm. Concept and choreography: Ellen Söderhult, DJ-sets: Daniel Iinatti, Dancing and vocals: Iki Gonzalez Magnusson, Lisen Ellard and Ellen Söderhult, Scenography and costumes: Tove Dreiman, Flute and bass: Adolfo Suzano, Drums and vocals: Adam Westerlund, Guitar and vocals: Arvid Hurd.

2021-12-18 Post Wedding Depression by Johanssons Pelargoner och Dans. Performed in Flemingsberg and Skogås Centrum.

2021-12-04 The Fishing Dance and other Cosmic Confessions by Sindri Runudde at Nordwind Festival, Hamburg.

2021-11-02 DUNKA DUNKA remix in Heizhaus, Uferstudios, Berlin. Concept, choreography: Ellen Söderhult. DJ sets: Daniel Iinatti Flute: Afolfo Suzano Drums and vocals: Adam Westerlund Dance and vocals: Am Ertl and Ellen Söderhult.

2021-09-11 to 2021-10-01 DELIGHTHOUSE AND THE DARK ROOM by Sindri Runudde. Premiere at Inkonst Malmö, also at MDT Sthlm. Singing and dancing: Cajsa Godée, Marvil Iglesias, Maia Means, Ellen Söderhult, Sindri Runudde, Asaf Aronsson.

2021-08-15 How to do things with Romance at Dansstationen, Palladium (Malmö, as a part of Stolt Scenkonst / World Pride Malmö

2021-07 Camouflage and 4 other C’s, workshop taught together with Emmilou Rössling at Impulstanz 2021, Vienna.

2021-06 ongoing smaller: artistic research project with Rasmus Ölme and Svärmen: Utifrån Utåt

2021-06 Residency showing at IASPIS, Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm with Sandra Medina.

2021-02 to 05-14: INGA KÄNSLOR ÄR OCKSÅ KÄNSLOR, comission by Iki Gonzalez Magnusson for Dalateatern, Falun and Borlänge. Premiere April 2021. Performance for upper secondary school students.

2021-02 Teaching at Lunnevads folkhögskola, danslinjen.

2020-05-18 to 05-28 Unga Klaras temporary music ensemble: concerts outside of elderly homes.

2020-10 A lot of moving parts VII (Sleeping giant dreams). Performance by Eleanor Bauer at Dansens Hus, Stockholm. Role: dancer.

2019-05-ongoing DUNKA DUNKA: Premiere 2020-09-19 at DansPlats Skog. By Ellen Söderhult, created in collaboration with Daniel Iinatti, Emelie ”Empo” Enlund, Iki Gonzalez Magnusson, Lisen Ellard and Tovre Dreiman. Residency at Köttinspektionen Dans, Uppsala May 2019. Residency in Riddarhyttan by Västmanlandsmusiken and Teatermaskinen August 2019. Presented at The Carrierbag Festival in Copenhagen by DANSEatelier in collaboration with Dansehallerne, August 2019. Residency at Uferstudios/Konstnärsnämnden in Berlin, SITE Sthlm and Guma Ranch summer 2020. Supported by Kulturrådet, Stockholm Stad, DansPlats Skog and Weld.

2020-08 Other than human by Robin Jonsson at Dansens Hus, Sthlm. Artistic advisor and stand-in.

2020-05-06 Music and Touch, work in progress at EAREYE Performing Arts Festival, Malmö With and by Ebba Petrén, Marcus Doverud, Benjamin Quickley, Ellen Söderhult and Tyra Wigg.

2019-08 to 2019-11 Helheten, a ”docu-musical” by Tove Sahlin, Maria Johansson Josefsson, Malin Holgersson och Josefin Hinders. Performers: David Sigfridsson, Destiny af Kleen, Ellen Söderhult, Mårten Andersson och Maria Johansson Josephsson. Contributing voices: Edvin Edin Adolfsson, Henry Ascher, Leopold K Bojsenburg, sister Karin, Malin Lindroth, Sofia Jama Liban, Max, Marco Vega, Rickard Öh. On tour through Riksteatern fall 2019. Premiere October 10th in Umeå.

2018-12-20 ongoing Fiskedansen och andra kosmiska bekännelser by Sindri Runudde. Premiere at Inkonst. Presented at Dansstationen, Atalante and MDT spring 2019 and at the festival Närheten in Bagarmossen Folkets Hus fall 2019.

2019-07 ”MAMMUTPONNY ”(work in progress) by Ellen Söderhult with Anna Skorpen and Michelle Persson at DansPlats Skog, Stråtjära.

2019-06 Berget sjunger: choreographic choir concert at Skeppsholmsstudion, Stockholm in collaboration with the residency program SKOG STAD. By Ellen Söderhult with Ebba Petrén, Lisen Pousette, Hanna Strandberg and Ellinor Tollerz Bratteby.

2019-02 to 2019-05 SLOW CLAP by Iki Gonzales Magnusson, Norrköping

2018-11-13 How to do things with Romance: a prologue at Scenkonstmuséet as a part of Dansmässan.

2018-09-22 to 2018-10-20 Shane et al. By: Ellen Söderhult. Scenography and costume: Tove Dreiman. Sound design: Anna Haglund. Performed by: Oda Brekke, Lisa Schåman, Lisen Pousette, Cathryn Humpreys, Elinor Trollerz Bratteby, Hanna Strandberg, Ellen Söderhult, Andreas Haglund och Lydia Östberg Diakité. During the process the interns Hannah Krebs and Corinne Moustonen have contributed to the project. Supported by: Kulturrådet, Konstnärsnämnden and Stockholms stad. Co-production: Köttinspektionen Dans, Dans i Blekinge and MDT. Performed at Danseatelier (Köpenhamn), MDT (Stockholm), Massmanska Kvarnen (Dans i Blekinge) and Klubb Bastun (Åland).

2018-10-06 ”Variationer på repertoar: komposterad balett, bastardiserad dans-DJ-ing, återvunna praktiker och en dansad version av körsångs-komposition i möte med DJ Daniel Iinattis musik” Workshop showing with the Cullberg ballet at Danscentrun Stockholm after a weeklong workshop.

2018-09-08 Utifrån och Ut, commissioned by Uppsala Konstmuseum for Kulturnatten. By Rasmus Ölme with Dan Johansson, Maria Öhman, Ellen Söderhult, Rasmus Ölme.

2018-08-25 Etyd för tennisbana, dance film by Ellen Söderhult in collaboration with Olle Enqvist and Jonathan Rennemark. Supported by: Dans i Blekinge.

2018-08-11 Andrahandskontraktet, performance at Gubbängsfältet commissioned by BOMASSAN and Konsthall C. By Stina Nyberg, Ellen Söderhult and Olof Marsja.

2018-06-10 to 06-15 Danske Dansehistorier: Residens. Workshop showing of ”A circle of craft: a repertory workshop”. Material from the piece How to do things with Romance. Role: Teacher, choreographer, dancer. At: Vestjyllands Höjskole.

2018-04-22 Hark! Rejoice! Behold! Listening set presented at Marabouparken within the frame of The Gender of Sound, an artistic research project by Susanna Jablonski and Cara Tolmie at Kungliga Konsthögskolan.

2018-02-15 and 02-16 WORK IN PROGRESS: Shane et al PILOT at “Big Girls go Big Things – late night program” Institution: Dansens Hus, Stockholm. (Premiere: 2018-09-22 at Danseatelier, Copenhagen)

2018-02-02 How to do things with Romance: a prologue presented at Black Box Theater in Oslo. Tour supported by Swedish Arts Council.

2017-10 to 2018-01 Movement Material, artistic research project by Rasmus Ölme and Svärmen. Co-researcher. Research presentation 2018-01-25 at The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen.

2017-12-09 SHANE et al: Skuggdivertissementet at “Blå hallen” by Tove Dreiman at Festernas Fest, MDT Sthlm. With: Lisen Pousette, Ellen Söderhult, Lisa Schåman, Corinne Moustonen, Oda Brekke.

2017-12-03 SHANE et al. (Pilot) at CIRCLES #4 at Köttinspektionen Dans. A choreographic pre-study by Ellen Söderhult performed by Lisa Schåman, Lisen Pousette, Cathryn Huphreys, Corinne Moustonen, Oda Brekke, Ellen Söderhult in a scenography by and costumes designed by Tove Dreiman. I also curated the rest of the performance program of the mini-festival, inviting the performances “One for all, all for one” by Sandra Liaklev and Emilia Gasiorek as well as “I don’t have a title anymore” by Vanessa Virta.

2017-08 to 2017-10 BODYWOOD by Sandra Medina and Anna Efraimsson, commission by Scenkonst Sörmland. Role: dancer/performer. Public artwork (installation and performance) in Eskilstuna and Nyköping.

2017-08 Seismic Session by Doris Uhlich, Vienna Secession. Role: performer/dancer.

2017-08 Fight Club and Bolero by Florentina Holzinger, Vienna, Muzeums Quartier. Role: dancer/performer.

2017-05 to 2017-06 RUDY and How to do things with romance: a prologue presented at                      Riksteatern (Stockholm): Scenkonst17, MDT (Stockholm), Dansehallerne and The Carrier Bag Festival (Copenhagen) and in Båthuspaviljongen, Mariehamn at the Åland Islands (in collaboration with the Nordic Institute on the Åland Islands). Role: Choreographer and dancer.

2017-04-29 Cheating Discipline and Other Artistic Affairs by Gry Tingskog, performed at Copenhagen International Performance Art Festival at Warehouse 9, Copenhagen. Role: performer.

2017-03-20 to 04-02 Sensecapes at Shanghai Children’s Arts Theatre in Shanghai, China. Also performed in Berlin March -17, Roskilde May -16. Performance for babies 3-18 months choreographed by Dalija Acin Thelander. Role: dancer.

2017-02-17 to 25 Arise Amazons! At Orionteatern “A femmetastic, techno-philosophical, ceremonial experiment” concept and direction: Rebecca Tiger and Karin Victorin. With and by: Empress Stah, Olga Podluzhnaya, Leilani Franco, Equestrian Art-Malin Hellstedt, Maria Johansson Josephsson, Tove Sahlin/Shake it Collaborations, Mandi Tiukkanen, Ellen Söderhult, Henrik Johansson, Andreas Hammarström and Safiye Bahadir.

2017-02 Innanför Grindarna. (Inside the gates). A project based on six female industrial workers experiences within the mining industry in Kiruna. Initiated by Emma Jonsson, dance and acrobatics by Mikkel H. Filtenborg, Moa Autio and Ellen Söderhult. Performed in Järnvägsparken, Kiruna.

2016-11-18 How to do things with romance: a prologue by Ellen Söderhult at Architectures and Feminisms: Ecologies, Economies, Technologies, an academic conference organized by KTH School of Architecture. Dancers and drummers: Anna-Karin Domfors, Carima Neusser, Elise Sjöberg, Ellen Söderhult, Emma Strandsäter, Gry Tingskog, Halla Olafsdottir, Ida Arenius, Klara Sjöblom, Klara Utke Acs, Lisa Schåman, Minna Berglund, Moa Autio, Nicole Neidert, Oda Brekke, Am Ertl.

2016-09 to 2016-11: artistic collaborator at ccap within the production A_line up, choreographed by Cristina Caprioli. Role: writer.

2016-10-15 till 10-19 THIS IS GRAND: a cover of a cover at Fylkingen and at DOCH, with Ellen Söderhult, Anna-Karin Domfors, Eliisa Erivalo, Vanessa Virta, Pinja Grönberg, Lisen Pousette, Sara Kauppila, Elise Sjöberg, Mandi Tiukkanen, Anna-Markia Ertl. Role: choreographer and dancer.

2016-08-28 Touch(ed) by Chloë Chignell with Ellen Söderhult, Gry Tingskog, Lisa Schåman and Chloë Chignell. Performed at DOCH, Stockholm and at PAF, Performing Arts Forum, France.

2016-08-25 to 08-27 Monument to Work by Alexandra Pirici (commision by the Public Arts Agency in collaboration with MDT). Role: performer.

2016-08-16 to 08-20 RUDY as repertory workshop and performance at Paf, Performing Arts Forum, France, upon invitation from the curatorial team behind the Indigo Dance Festival, a part of Paf Summer University.

2016-07-15 RUDY at Köttinspektionen Dans, Uppsala. With and by: Minna Berglund, Chloë Chignell, Anna-Karin Domfors, Anna Bontha, Elise Sjöberg, Ellen Söderhult, Gry Tingskog, Lisa Schåman, Lisen Ellard and Vanessa Virta. Text: Anna Bontha Concept and direction: Ellen Söderhult.

27/6-31/7 Residency at Köttinspektionen Dans, Uppsala

2016-07-01 och2016-08-05: This Container, a performance with and by Ellen Söderhult, Maia Means, Vanessa Virta, Nicole Neidert, Sonya Lindfors and Chloe Chignell. Performed at Index (The Swedish Arts Foundation) summer stage and outside the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm.

2016-06-18 THIS IS GRAND at Scalateatern, Stockholm at the event “Icons, Icons, Icons”, organized by Drag as Art and Ruby Rose productions, 2016-06-11 THIS IS GRAND at Feministisk festival in Malmö. Summer 2016: THIS IS GRAND chosen for the online festivale “NEU NOW Europe’s emerging artists” organised by the European League of the Institutes of the Arts.

2016-06-09 LEONORA a solo by Ellen Söderhult for Lisa Schåman and Konstfestival moment at the Åland Islands.

2016-06-05 Choreographed reading circle at Köttinspektionen Dans, Uppsala in collaboration with Josephine Kylén Collins.

2016-05-25 and 26 RUDY and OTHERBODIES at Weld. Role: choreographer, dancer. Co-produced by Weld.

2016-ongoing Lecturing and guest teaching improvisation and workshops in choreography at the pedagogy department of DOCH, Dans och Cirkushögskolan.

2015-11 RUDY – a performance conceptualized by Ellen Söderhult, by and with Anna Bontha, Elise Brewer, Elise Sjöberg, Ellen Söderhult, Emma Strandsäter, Gry Tingskog, Lisa Schåman, Max Wallmeier. Presented at The Festival Festival a Festival of Dance at DOCH, the University of Dance and Circus and in a smaller version at /SPECIFIK PILOT at SITE, Telefonplan.

2015-10 and 2015-11 THIS IS GRAND, a dance performance made and performed by Ellen Söderhult and Mandi Tiukkanen. Premiering in Helsinki at Ateneum, as a part of the festival Urban Apa, also performed in Stockholm at SUNDAY_RUNUP, Svarta Huset and at SITE as a part of the festival /SPECIFIK PILOT. Trailer/video clip:

2015-10 A dance by and with Moa Autio, Lyn. Bentchik, Hampus Bergenheim, Matilda. Bilberg, Oda Brekke, Anna-Karin Domfors, Samuel Draper, Lisen Ellard, Brandon Gonzales, Tea Harryson, Stina Nyström, Tiia Kasurinen, Manuel Lindner, Maia Means, Mira Mutka, Elise Sjöberg, Emma Strandsäter, Linnea Sundling, Sanna Söderholm, Ellen Söderhult, Gry Tingskog, Vanessa Virta, Max Wallmeier, Rasmus Ölme et al.

At SUNDAY_RUNUP, Svarta Huset, Stockholm. Score contributed to and danced by the 26 authors/dancers. Proposed and organized by Ellen Söderhult,

2015-09 until 2015-11 Performer in the pieces Huddle and Slantboard, by Simoni Forti at INDEX, The Swedish arts foundation, Stockholm

2015-2019 Nobody´s Business doing Nobody´s Dance. A platform for local and international practical knowledge production and –distribution through the exchange of practices, methods, dances and ideas, initiated and facilitated by Ellen Söderhult (SE), Eleanor Bauer (US, artist in residence at Kaai theatre, Brussels) and Alice Chauchat (FR based in Berlin). The meetings take place in a studio and most of the research through collective dancing. Nobody’s Business has been dancing Nobody’s Dance in Santarcangelo, Minnestora, Milan and been facilitated by Ellen in the following cities: Stockholm (Weld, DOCH/Uniarts), Berlin (Dock11), Brussels (Kaai studios, The New  Space), Oslo (Dansens Hus), Poznan (Arts stations gallery), Copenhagen (Skolen for samtidsdans) and Zagreb (in collaboration with IMPROSPEKCIJE festival). For mission statement and library of contributions, see

2015-09 Visiting researcher in the art project Sisters academy at Inkonst, Malmö.

2015-08 Choreography for Eyes by Runa Norheim, performed at HAUT as a part of Young Choreographers Festival, Copenhagen, 2015. Performer

2015-08 The planet, dancer in the piece by Mårten Spångberg at MUMOK, Impulstanz, Vienna.

2015-07 For KONSTATTACK, performance for an art event curated by Merzedes Sturm-Lie and Alxeander Hult. Performance by Ellen Söderhult with Lisen Ellard, Lisa Schåman, Gry Tingskog, Ellen Söderhult and Emma Strandsäter.

2015-02-28 “En slags människopöl”, a youtube-loop for the exhibition Man Made Nature on a boat in San Fransisco, curated by Åsa Åkerlund. Role: choreographer. Co-authored and performed by: Oda Brekke, Claudia Erixon, Manuel Lindner , Ellen Söderhult, Max Wallmeier, Lisa Nilsson, Maia Means, Manon Duquesnay , Ester Olofsson and Tiia Kasurinen.

2014-09 Choreographer for the exam work “To from Russia with love” by graduating acting student Klas Lagerlund at the Stockholm School of Dramatic Arts, also showed at Unga Klara in Stockholm.

2013/2014 Performer in the exam piece of Dinis Machado, “Tenderness and Caroline Byström “R e, O r i e n t, a t i o n” , both graduating students of the Master of Choreography program at DOCH, premiered April 2014 at MDT, the modern dance theatre in Stockholm.

2014-02-27 (without title) 25 min dance piece commissioned by Nordic Insitute on Åland. By and with Lisa Schåman and Ellen Söderhult,

2013-12-08 Opening of Women in Circus Consortium. Performed THIS IS NOT IT. A solo which attempts to play with the showing of circus and the doing of circus. Circus act, Chinese pole.

2013 SPACE  Video work in Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2013 may 16 to 26 – University of Crafts and Arts. Video by Sofie Rykowski. Dancers: Marit Fogelgren, Ester Olofsson och Ellen Söderhult. Also performed live in the exhibition space.

2013 OTHERBODIES by Alex Nagy, Jilda Hallin, Ellen Söderhult, Hanna Röckner. Performed at the            50th anniversary party of DOCH, at Färgfabriken, Gulla Villan in Järna, Svarta Huset and       Rökridån (2016) in Stockholm after its creation at DOCH.


2013-01-31 (How to…?) a piece by Shintaro Oue created for four dancers (Elise Brewer, Ester Olofsson, Ellen Söderhult, Mandi Tiukkanen). Presented at Uppsala konsert och kongress.

2012-2013 Unnecessary Movement a dance performance by and with Ida Hellsten and Ellen Söderhult with music by Gustav Söderhult. Residency and performance at Spanski Borici theatre in Ljubljana February 2013, invited and produced in collaboration with EnKnap group, Slovenia. Unnecessary Movement was created during the winter of 2011-2012, and premiered in 2012 at MU-theatre and the Szoloduo Festival, Budapest, in January 2012.

2008 Nobel divertissement. Performed partner acrobatics in the televised performance during the Nobel Banquet, directed by Stina Oscarsson and Lars Rudolfsson.


2016 to present Guest teacher at DOCH/SKH in Stockholm at the Dance Pedagogy Department in the subjects choreography, dance and improvisation. I have also done a guest lecture for the dance pedagogy students and worked as a mentor/outside eye in the process leading up to their performance tour.

2021-07 Camouflage and 4 other C’s, workshop taught together with Emmilou Rössling at Impulstanz, Vienna.

202102-01 to 01-03 Guest teacher at Lunnevads danslinjen.

2020-06-29 to 01-07 Teaching dance for youth at DansPlats Skog, Hälsingland.

2018-10-01 to 10-06 ”Variationer på repertoar: komposterad balett, bastardiserad dans-DJ-ing, återvunna praktiker och en dansad version av körsångs-komposition i möte med DJ Daniel Iinattis musik” Workshop showing with the Cullberg ballet at Danscentrun Stockholm after a weeklong workshop

2018-06-10 to 06-15 Danske Dansehistorier: Residens. Workshop showing of ”A circle of craft: a repertory workshop”. Material from the piece How to do things with Romance at: Vestjyllands Höjskole.


2020/08-2021/06 Bollnäs Folkhögskola, music program, fall 100%, spring 50% studies. Singing, folk violin, guitar and music theory.

2020, spring term: Freestanding course at SKH, Stockholm Univeristy of the Arts: Disorienting Whiteness and Heterosexuality, freestanding course 7,5 ETC/15 Hp.

2012-2015 Stockholm University of the Arts / DOCH, Sweden, 180 ECTS: Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance Performance.

2013 DOCH University of Dance and Circus, Sweden. Freestanding, advanced course 7,5 ECT: Limits of reality – sensation and illusion.

2011-2012 DOCH University of Dance and Circus, Sweden. Freestanding, advanced courses:

Interpretation, 7,5 ECTS.

Tendencies in dance, general training/specific practises, 7,5 ECTS.

2012 Stockholm University, Sweden, Dramaturgy, 7,5 ECTS

2010-2011 Györ School of Dance and Fine Arts, Györ, Hungary. Modern dance and ballet. Sept-april.

2007-2010 DOCH University of Dance and Circus, Sweden, Programme in Neo Circus, 180 ECTS: Degree of Bachelor of Arts in acrobatics. Specialties: Chinese pole, dance acrobatics.

2004-2005, 2006-2007, Academy for Untamed Creativity/Akademiet for Utaemmet Kreativitet, Copenhagen, Denmark. Floor acrobatics, partner acrobatics, theatre improvisation.

2005-2006, 2002-2004 Stockholm Music Gymnasium, Sweden. Natural Science programme with choir profile.

1996-2002 Adolf Fredrik school of Music, Stockholm, Sweden.

Positions of trust

  • Chair of the student union 2013, student representative on the university board 2013-2015 (University Board of DOCH 2013-14, University Board of Uniarts 2014-15).
  • Board member in Danscentrum Stockholm 2017-2018, Election committe for Danscentrums Riksorganisation 2018-2019.
  • Member of the association board of Interim employment cooperative 2017-2019. Election committee member for the association board 2019-2020. Internal editor 2016-2017 and 2019-present.



  • 1st place in the small female choir division and 2nd place in the 2018 Nordic barbershop Championship, female choir division with Stockholm City Voices.
  • Adolf Fredrik school of Music, Stockholm, Sweden. Elementary school. Concert trips with the choir to amongst others Hamburg (Händel’s Messiah) and Italy (mixed repertory, focus on Swedish folk music and Italian Opera choirs). Music subjects: choir singing, music theory, vocal technique, rhythm and music history.
  • Piano classes for 9 years within the municipal music school.
  • Stockholm Music Gymnasium, Sweden. Natural Science programme with choir profile.
  • Vocal workshops with amongst others Annika Holmberg (Complete Vocal Technique) and Peter Teubner (as a part of the BA in circus).
  • Choir singing experience from Stockholm City Voices, Cantare Chamber Choir, Cantate church chamber choir.
  • University courses in ear training 7,5 hp, Uppsala University spring 2019 and music theory 7,5 hp from Linköping University summer 2019.


2020 Swedish Arts Grants Committee International Dance program Residency Grant at Uferstudios, Berlin

2017 Working grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

2014 and 2017 DanceWEB scholarship recipient, a 5 week scholarship programme at Impulstanz, Vienna.

2016-2017 Participant in the programme Critical Practice made in YU: A conceptual and sociocultural framework and a program as an edition of Critical Practice – training for emerging dance writers, initiated within the Life Long Burning project and supported by the Cultural program of the European Union. The Critical Practice programme is oriented towards empowering discursive reflections on contemporary performing arts while enabling their breakthrough into the larger public. Meetings in Skopje, Belgrade and Berlin. Mentor: Ana Vujanovic.

2015 Sandrews study scholarship recipient, Gösta Terserus grant recipient, Danshögskolans Vänner grant recipient.

2015-07 Copycat academy, Toronto, invited as a participant to a weeklong event organized by Hannah Hurtzig and Bojana Cvejic, in collaboration with Meg Stuart and invited lecturers.


2020 VASKA KRAFT for Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén:

2018 Konst som en del av det allmänna, KOREOGRAFIER, edited by: Solveig Styve Holte, Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness, Venke Sortland.

2018 Movement Research as a Performance Practice by Ana Vujanović with Ellen Söderhult in Movement Research Performance Journal, Issue #51.

2017 What will dance do? In Postdance, published by MDT

2015 Dance Company, Dance Community, Dance Cooperative, Dance Common, commissioned by Anna Koch for a publication on the Weld Company (går att läsa på

2014 We make it up, Koreografisk Journal

2014 A Herstorical Consotrium, official documentation of Women in Circus Consortium

2013 A voice of the Students: Approaching the Future lets be idealistic, commissioned by DOCH for the 50th anniversary of the institution.

2013 Who is it that misses? Debate response to main dance critic published in Danstidningen

REVIEWS in selection

2018 Att lyssna med alla sinnen english version published at

2016 Associativt kring balettens yttersta utkanter

2016 Språk, symboler, representationer och identiteter

2015 Dans som mål och inte medel, (Dance as end instead of as a means)

2014 On AGON by Florentina Holzinger,

2014 En annan värld, review of Middleworld by Aron Blom and Mikko Hyövönen

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