Arise Amazons!

Featured image by Sophia Hogman Photography

“A femmetastic, techno-philosophical ceremonial experiment taking place in a space beyond linear time.”

Concept and Artistic direction: Karin Victorin och Rebecca Tiger

Performing Amazons:
Empress Stah
Olga Podluzhnaya
Leilani Franco
Equestrian Art – Malin Hellstedt
Maria Johansson Josephsson och Tove Sahlin/Shake it Collaborations
Mandi Tiukkanen och Ellen Söderhult
Henrik Johansson
Andreas Hammarström
Safiye Bahadir

Arise Amazons! Premiered at Orionteatern on the 17th of February 2017

Arise Amazons! was a collaboration between Orionteatern, Ruby Rose Productions och Equestrian Art: Malin Hellstedt

Sophia Hogman Photography


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